At the end of May, the All-Russian competition ‘Best Surveying Service 2018’ summed up the work of more than 400 mining and oil and gas companies in Russia.

For high production performance, social responsibility and activity, the survey service of ALROSA became the winner among the largest subsoil users of the mining industry.

The winner’s diploma was presented by the All-Russian Public Organization - Union of Russian Surveyors.

Vladimir Samolovov, ALROSA Chief Surveyor:

“Surveying provision of production and development of mining operations in the ALROSA Company today is performed by about 90 people, highly qualified specialists. The service annually participates in the organization and maintenance of complex projects, the construction of new mines, and the introduction of advanced technologies into production. In 2018, the survey service of the company purchased and put into operation a profiling station, as well as the aerial photographic complex Geoscan-401. One of the significant projects of ALROSA, in which the surveying service participated, was the launch of the Verkhne-Munskoye deposit in October last year.”