July 1 - November 30, the first republican festival of contemporary culture will be held in 13 cities and three villages of Yakutia. Within the framework of the project, the streets of cities and villages will be transformed into works of art based on the cultural patterns of the region and taking into account the wishes of local residents.

The festival will be held in such cities as Yakutsk, Neryungri, Mirny, Lensk, Aldan, Olekminsk, Udachny, Vilyuisk, Pokrovsk, Nyurba, Srednekolymsk, Verkhoyansk and in the villages of Churapcha, Amga and Berdigestyakh. A separate program will be presented in each of the settlements. For example, decommissioned equipment will be turned into objets d'art at the Taigart youth festival in Neryungri. In Yakutsk, small utility facilities will be painted, and in Lensk, an installation is planned by the artist Ksenia Kudrina, a native of this town, who now works in Moscow.

“The festival program is diverse. Within its framework will be created murals and installations. The festival has educational mission: meetings with artists, master classes, open discussions with local residents will take place,” Kyydaana Ignatieva, Art Director of the Center of competence for the urban environment of the republic, said at the press conference.  “At the moment, we are working on sketches with artists inspired by local characteristics and culture. As soon as the sketches are ready, we will hold a vote among the residents of cities and villages to choose their objet d’art,” she added. By the way, the participants of the festival are Yakut artists or natives of those places where the festival events will take place.

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According to the organizers, by creating a favorable environment, street art, installations and objets d'art, you can change the environment and the quality of life of residents not only in one city, but also in the territory of our vast republic. Thus, the festival will create 12 facilities in cities, three in villages, 15 master classes for the population and the same for social and educational institutions, as well as one seminar for specialists in the field of culture and education.

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The festival is implemented at the expense of won grants of the President of the Russian Federation in the amount of 6 million rubles, the head of Yakutia in the amount of 100 thousand rubles, by co-financing by municipalities and sponsorship of local companies.