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The next stage of the only in Russia international Case-Championship CASE-IN included in the open platform Russia - Land of Opportunity took place at the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk. ALROSA acts as a strategic partner of the championship in the ‘Mining’ area, and the employees of the diamond company act as experts in the same area.


8 teams from the Siberian Federal University took part in the championship in the direction of ‘Mining.’ 10 days before the qualifying stage, a case was sent to the participants to solve the task of determining the method of the Solur-Vostochnaya deposit mining. So, from the presented reports, three methods of mining were declared: open, underground, and by the method of hydro mining.

CASEIN Kras Calcalko

Oleg Tsaltsalko, Deputy Head of the Mining Department and Head of the Department for Underground Mining Operations at ALROSA, told about this stage of the CASE-IN Championship.

“The organization of the competition, both in my expert opinion, and the Moscow colleagues - organizers of this competition, was held at a high level. The level of participants' training and the proposed projects themselves are quite high-quality. The case was compiled from baseline data sent by PJSC ALROSA, on the basis of which participants had to propose and justify their option of developing the field. The proposals of participants were not only justified, but also rationally reasoned. We considered not just proposals, but their novelty and innovation, which would reduce production costs. And the championship participants took into account a number of modern approaches - on monitoring the stability of the sides when open-pit mining; geodetic scanning and shooting using unmanned vehicles; monitoring the operation of technological vehicles using the GLONASS navigation system. It really was unexpected and interesting, since we are already introducing such practices in the Company.

Three reports on field development proposed using the method of hydro-mining. The possibility of introducing and applying such a method at the Company's facilities is only being worked out.”

The results of the competition:

1st place - the Almaziki team;

2nd place - the UnderRock team;

3rd place - the Guest Performers team.

In addition, experts awarded prizes of ALROSA to three distinguished students: Aleksandr Pushmintsev, Andrei Markov and Kirill Fedchenko.

Over the past six months, ALROSA has launched two large-scale mining projects: the Verkhne-Munskoye and Zarya deposits that allows the Company to keep world leadership in diamond mining. Participation in such competitions can be mutually beneficial not only to the organizers and partners, but also to the participants. Proposals voiced by the participants within the framework of the championship might be implemented, potential employers might find new personnel, and the participants themselves might get a job in the mining company. At a minimum, the best of the best will receive not only awards, but also be able to complete training at leading companies of the country.

The best team in each direction will present their alma mater at the finals of the CASE-IN International Engineering Championship in Moscow. The champions of CASE-IN in mining will also be able to take part in the All-Russian Youth Scientific and Practical Forum Mining School.