Rich colors, marvelous landscapes, non-standard approaches - all this is Kyydaana Ignatieva. She is a famous Yakut artist who brings bright colors to our gray city, and whose works are appreciated even at the world level. Every time she comes back from creative travels inspired, full of new ideas, and with a firm decision to bring them to life.

Kyydaana loved to draw from her early years. Parents had to work and they often had to leave her at home alone. Ink, pencils, watercolor, paper and other drawing supplies have always been in the house. In the elementary grades she joined the Young Artist fine arts group.

In one interview, she said: “In my heart I am still a child, demanding attention and approval. Very impressionable child, to whom all ordinary scenes of life seem magical. In my opinion, all adults would be artists if they had not lost such perception. After all, all children are artists.”

She continued to draw and in school and student years. Another hobby is skiing. Kyydaana used to compete quite successfully. But in order not to lose her impressionability and magical sense of the world, she entered the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts to learn designing. Her talent as an artist was noticed there quickly, they began to talk about her, she participated in exhibitions, but being an artist for Kyydaana is more of a hobby.

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 She admits her most favorite time is five in the morning. Such a calm and quiet time, very inspiring.

Kyydaana likes to read Salvador Dali, admires the choice of colors by Mikhail Starostin, enjoys the photo-realistic paintings of Andrei Chikachev, but the best artist for her is nature. And the best creature of nature is man.

As a child, she loved to roam in the woods with her dog, imagining that she was a brave heroine, endowed with magical power, and her dog was a wolf or a bear. All this is connected with the books that influenced her worldview - The Lord of the Rings epic high-fantasy novel and The Hobbit, or There and Back Again by J.R.R. Tolkien, the fabulous novel Harry Potter by JK Rowling, popular-science A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, the novel in verses Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin (which she occasionally rereads).

Kyydaana is true to old habits, preferring paper books to electronic media.

“I love the smell of the pages of a new book. Or old books with pages that have turned yellow over time.”

As for her attitude to the screen versions, she evaluates both products - the book and the film - as separate, different types of art. View the movie first, and only then read a book - it's about her.

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“As a teenager, after watching a Harry Potter movie, I started reading all the books by JK Rowling about a boy wizard. It was the most incredible time - I was waiting for the release of new books, then I bought or ordered. We who were born in the 90s were very lucky to grow with Harry, Hermione and Ron. In part, I feel like a wizard. Of course, this book is a phenomenon that occurs only once in half a century. It turns out that the writer did not believe in the success of her book when she tried to find publishers. And now, as I see, today's children do not have such incredibly soulful and fantasy films or books. It is a pity that now some children do not even know who Harry Potter is.”

Everyone has seen the works of Kyydaana. Large-scale drawings on the facades of houses, which are located in the center of Yakutsk, delight residents and guests. Yakut street-art, is the name of the works of Kyydaana and Andrey Stepanov, who breathed freshness and color into old houses. It took her a month to create two paintings and so many acrylic paints that they lost count. In addition, Kyydaana is the author of the logo of the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic.

 Every year there is less and less time for creativity than we would like. Still, if you develop further as an artist, you need to devote more time to this, practice more. During student days, of course, there was more time. But I do not want to put creativity on the back burner.


Kyydaana always tries to adhere to one rule in her work and in painting - everything should be labor of love. She is sure, you have to love what you do, you need to love the picture you are painting now. When something is done mechanically, it is noticeable, and it repels. For example, mothers cook dinner for their children: everything turns out very tasty, because it is cooked with love. And the food in canteen - the same ingredients, the same technology - but it's tasteless! It is necessary to love what you do, the artist believes, otherwise everything loses its meaning. She is one of those people who, working as street cleaners, try to make their territory as clean as possible, and working as cooks, they want their food to be the most delicious.

Previously, because of her inexhaustible energy, she could do a lot of things in a short time. But the works turned out some unfinished. She was well aware of that and accepted constructive criticism from the outside pretty well. And today she is committed to the ideal - has become a perfectionist.

A year ago, she was literally swallowed by marinism. Azure, clear blue colors of the sea did not let go. But in order to paint oil paintings, it is necessary to change the entourage. Megacities rather inspire a new vision in the field of design and architecture than in painting. Her innermost dream is to visit Antarctica or the Arctic.


Just like before, she wants to realize her travel impressions, fill Yakutsk with new fresh colors, change her environment. And she dreams of opening a new exhibition so as not to disappoint those who are waiting for new works from her.